Eluxury coupon code???

  1. Anyone have a coupon code for Eluxury?
  2. Eluxury never has any percent off discount.

    Occassionally there will be free shipping. And right now there's a couple gifts with purchase.

    However if you are a lucky mag subscriber, you get 3% off by shopping through their site. And if you're not, there's always ******.com
  3. Thanks Mello!
    I'm thinking Eluxury is a good deal for me. Am I right on this? Im in Nevada, No sales for me, right? Do you know if their prices are at or above retail?
    Thanks everyone!
  4. What are you looking to get Bella?

    For Louis Vuitton items, prices are the same on Eluxury and in boutique but when you order off Eluxury you save on taxes BUT you have to pay shipping. However shop through ****** and you get 3% back. What is NV'd tax?
  5. Mello, Hi, I'm looking at the Denim Dior Gaucho.
    The website says they charge tax in CA and TN. Does that mean all other states don't have to pay tax? Like when order thru BG, I don't pay tax, just shipping. I'm ok with paying for shipping if I can save on the tax:biggrin:
  6. Unless you live in Tennessee or California, you won't have to pay any sales tax on your Eluxury purchase.