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  1. Something interesting happen today. As some of you may know, I recently ordered the Batignolles from Eluxury.com. After my neighbor held it hostage for a few days I finally got it. I was a little disappointed. Honestly, it look fake. So I called and exchanged it for the MM Crossaint. Even more disappointed with this one. I showed a co-worker and she was making faces. It was wrinkled and had several seams at the bottom. When I called Eluxury, they were like send it back and mark the box as defective. I said, I did not think it was defective but something was different about the bottom. So my question, how do you know for sure that it's not a fake even from Eluxury??
  2. Do you still have the bag? Post pics. It seems so wierd that eLuxury, the only online retialer allowed by LV to sell LV, would sell a fake.
  3. Also , you live in Chicago(your thing under your name says), why not just go to LV there and not deal with ordering?
  4. This has been said several times before but here goes.....LV is owned by LVMH which owns the eluxury.com site. I really don't think they'd sell a fake. It would seriously tarnish their reputation.

    You have to remember that the bags posted on eluxury are not necessarily the bag you'll receive because it may not be the final prototype of the bag. ie, the Manhattan pictured on the elux. site (when the bag first came out) had a hole on the front flap. The final product from LV did not.
  5. I agree there's just no way that LV's only authorized on-line retailer sells fakes, no way!
  6. Question: Since you are in Chicago, why not just go to the boutique and get it in person...that way you can try on the bag, and look at the bag from various angles?

    I highly doubt that LVMH would sell counterfeits of it's own items through Eluxury...that just doesn't make sense. It literally would be like going to the boutique and them selling you a fake. HIGHLY UNLIKELY! Maybe the bag isn't what you think it should look like because you haven't checked the bag out in person? Like it was said before, the final bag released may not look like the one on Eluxury...The Manhattan, the orignal MC Speedy (had Red LV), the MC Shirley are examples of this.
  7. Do you already own an authentic LV that you are comparing the ones from eluxury from that's making you think it looks "fake"?
  8. Elux is not going to send out a fake...no way!!! It is hard shopping online and after being burned a couple of times I don't trust any vendor except the authorized one. Things look so different from the pic online. I love the way you guys show pics from all angles; I feel like I know what the bag looks like even though I haven't seen it. Relax you can trust elux.
  9. The LV crossaint is suppose to be wrinkled-looking and kinda sagging because I was shock when I saw that bag in person at the boutique. It didn't look like the bag listed on eluxury.com. I even asked the SA if that's how the crossaint should look like and she gave me an odd look and said "ya..." Personally, I actually prefer that bag to look like how it was pictured on elux: the monogram canvas to look hard and firm. :suspiciou

  10. I have not seen any like that will wrinkles, my sister even has one and it is shaped nicely. I thought hers held shape well actually.Wierd.
  11. I agree with everyone here about the elux pictures being prototypes - but they are also professionally shot with perfected lighting, and could possibly be airbrushed. Most print photos of bags are like the Maxim pictures of Nicole Ritchie. You have to see it in person to know what you are getting.
  12. I can only share an observation that I once made while in a LV store here in Denver, Colorado. I was in to buy a leather wallet to match my new LV leather bag.

    A man comes in with a clearly "used" logo-bag. He is upset; he tells the clerk that he just recieved this from e-luxury and wants to exchange it here in the boutique because it looks used next to the "new" logo bags in the store. Of course, he is denied; but, he did have his receipt and seemed genuinely distraught (older man, said it was a gift for his wife, blah, blah, blah). Point of the story, perhaps eluxury has a leniant return policy and takes bags back after customers have used them (not so gently used them). Could this account for the condition of your bag?
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Eluxury.com sells authentic LV bags.

    When you go to LV's official website, www.vuitton.com, click on US, then at the top click on the E-Shopping link which takes you to www.eluxury.com. Also, if you scroll at the bottom to the Contact Us link, click on Counterfeiting link, the last bottom of the paragraph reads that LV guarantees authenticity of products sold at eluxury.com.

    Although it could happen, I find it hard to believe that someone could buy a real one from eluxury, return a fake resembling the real one, and get a refund/exchange without someone at eluxury detecting its a fake, especially in the condition you are describing it to be in.

    If you're unhappy, return it for an exchange or refund. Eluxury as a generous 90 day return policy.

    Good luck!
  15. eLuxury is the official retailer for Louis Vuitton, so when you buy from them it's like you're walking into the LV store personally and pick it up yourself. I would definitely rule out getting a faux from eLuxury.