eluxury.com question...

  1. Curious, has anyone ever had FedEx deliver a ELUXURY.COM order (over $500) via ground shipping without a signature? I hope so, what if I am not around and my LV purse arrives - then what? They have to come back the next day, ugh!!! What has been your experience?
  2. Signature was always required for my packages from eluxury, ground shipping or not.

    If you're not around, they leave a doortag on your door (they are suppose to at least) and you can either pick it up that day or they will redeliver the next day.
  3. You have to be home to sign for it. They will absolutely not leave it by your door. They will take it back with them and you could pick it up at the office or they will redeliver it the next day. That's how I missed my Lockit being delivered. I fell asleep and didn't hear the door and they left a tag on my door. Point blank you have to sign for it.
  4. I've always been home when my order came, but sometimes I didn't have to sign. I got my Alma (almost 800 at the time) and didn't sign. Weird.
  5. I tracked it on FedEx and knew I wouldn't be at home so I called them to see if I could just pick it up at their location. They are open up till about 7PM where I live and didn't mind me coming to get it! HTH!!!:flowers:
  6. Thanks for your responses!!!
  7. A signature is required only for packages that are worth more than $500 fro elux. If a signature is required they won't just leave it out there. If it is less than $500 no signature is required. That happened to me last weekend. My order was $495 and they just left the box outside! We were out of town and I had to ask my dad to pick it up. I called FedEx and they put a message in the system to not deliver the package until we were back but the guy told me there was no guarantee - it's up to the station. Apparently nobody read that message in the system. There was one other time, I just left a note for the Fedex guy to leave the box in the backyard and they did.
  8. I've order two $1000+ bags from Elux and they were left at my door with no signature, which really surprised me. :shrugs:
  9. Update....ordered yesterday and it is suppose to be delivered tomorrow - I will be around............CAN'T wait for me Louis (BH) to arrive!!!!