Eluxury.com promo codes?

  1. Does anybody have a eluxury promo code?
  2. There is a free shipping code listed at reesycakes.com
  3. that's the old expired code...
  4. I'm sooooo desperate to get these new items but my local LV boutique sold out and it's available online.
    hahaha - I'm so weird, like I don't mind dropping hundreds on 1 item, but I have a problem with the $12.50 shipping for it hehehehe
  5. You can always go through ******.com and get 4% back. This will add up to more than the $12.50 for shipping anyways!
  6. really?
    Does ****** cut you a check? how does the rebate of 4% come back?
    Thanks :smile:
  7. I understand that you don't like paying shipping, neither do I, but you don't have to pay sales tax on Eluxury. I love that about Eluxury!
  8. They cut you a cheque when it reach like $10 or something like that.
  9. ^ $5. ****** is very dependable; I love shopping through them.

    L_Rod: I wish I could get my purchases from eLuxury tax-free but I live in CA!
  10. Unfortunately if you live in CA you do pay tax on eLux :yucky:

  11. You're right you don't have to pay sales tax on eluxury. I totally forgot about that, that's awesome...
    but free shipping.can't beat that :P
  12. You guys are right. Paying for shipping sucks big time but that's the way I balance it out if there is no way of getting out of it. I figure if I don't have to pay tax than I'm still getting it cheaper than I would if I bought it in a store.
  13. I always have ****** put money in my Paypal account in lieu of sending a check.