eluxury codes?

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  1. Does anyone have ANY codes at all for eluxury? I am going to order myself either the LAMB Capri Satchel or a LV Speedy 25!!!:yahoo:

    Anyone know any codes I could use? (like ASAP :P )

    Thank you!
  2. FYI - the only code you could use on an LV purchase would be free shipping. From my understanding they are never discounted and percentage off or dollar off codes don't apply to LV.

    As for codes you may want to check out reesycakes.com to see if any exist cause I have not seen any in a while.
  3. Thank you so much! I am going to check there. I am leaning more towards the LAMB Capri Satchel, so maybe I can find a code that would apply. We'll see, free shipping is always a bonus.
  4. free shipping ended on friday. the next free ship code will be around valentine's day.
  5. Does anyone have a free shipping coupon? Thank you.
  6. Perhaps you should just call and ask them for it? Sometimes that works.
  7. I'm in need of a free shipping code too!