Eluxury codes???

  1. Are there any right now????
  2. Nope, sorry. ****** is the way to go! Or.. if you private chat with them through live chat.. and ask nicely they might give you free shipping. Haha, I've done that twice already.
  3. good advice
  4. The only thing I've seen is for purchases in beauty: $85+, use code GIFT and you get some assortment of samples, I guess. Not good enough to get me to order right now.
  5. Thank you for the live chat advice! They just gave me a free shipping code GOLD.
  6. Thank you, ikny! GOLD worked for free shipping!
  7. is it still working??
  8. Maybe soon they will do free shipping for holiday purchasing!
  9. Yay free shipping! I am glad you found some sort of discount :biggrin:
  10. Awesome! It works, I just used it. Thanks. I've been looking for some sort of discount to make my purchase...even if it is only $12.95 off at least it's something!!

    Where is elux based, does anyone know? I tried shipping my order to CA and they were charging me about $50 in sales tax. So I shipped it to NY instead with no sales tax. They must be based in CA, right??