eLuxury Code from purseforum question!

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  1. My question was not answered.

    A week ago, when I logged onto tpf, I saw a banner for so much % off for tpf members until sometime in september or late august.

    Can anyone esle tell me what the code is? Or where I can find more information on this? I was wrongly directed to Deals and Steals.... no answer there, and I don't ask questions like this unless I have already exhausted the search functions.

    So do not redirect me again, to yet another wrong link, just tell me the answer I seek
  2. I am fairly certain that the code was not exclusive to tPF members? I think it was just a link to take us to the eLuxury sale. The sale was for an extra 40% off clearance items, but I believe the sale has ended?
  3. I remember a code for tpf members... but I may be wrong... thank you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.