ELuxury Cancelled my Dentelle Speedy

  1. I ordered the Dentelle Speedy in gold last week from ELuxury. When I checked my order status, it had disappeared from the unshipped status. I emailed ELuxury and this is the response I received, "The Louis Vuitton Dentelle collection is among this season's most popular items and I certainly understand your interest in it! Unfortunately, your order has been canceled because the item is unavailable for purchase with eLUXURY. At this time we do not have any Dentelle items in stock". I think it is pretty unprofessional that they did not even email that they have cancelled my item. Thanks for listening.
  2. Oh that totally sucks so they let you buy it and then say oops don't have any

    :lecture: bad eluxury
  3. ESHESH I hate that!! Sorry!

    They still have these at the Boutiques though so you can still get one!
  4. Wow... sorry to hear about this.. did they at least refund your money?
  5. aww I thought elux was usually good about things like that.
  6. That's a bummer, I'm sorry. I know they had some at the SF Union Square store last weekend, you might want to try there! Ask for Liz.........=)
  7. thats horrible! i would cry...:crybaby:
  8. I am so sorry! They absolutely should have emailed you about overselling on this item. It is still available at boutiques, if that makes you feel better.
  9. thats too sad, hope u get another one soon!
  10. Yup, I saw a bunch there on friday!
  11. I'm so sorry this happen to you.:sad: I had the same thing happen to me with an order in December. Wish they could figure out how to keep track of available inventory.
  12. I hear about this happening every so often, but just think! Now you can go to the boutique & pick out the lace pattern you like best!
  13. Frustrating, but if that's the bag you really want and it is somewhere in the LV system, you can find it by calling 1-866-vuitton. They helped me find a Baggy GM in Lichen a few months ago when there were all of about 4 left in the stores in the entire U.S. And it took all of 2 minutes, tops.
  14. Sorry to hear about that. Maybe they wrote the stock wrong :sad: I hope you get one soon!
  15. im sorry to hear that i think they should emailed you in the first place,