eluxury: Backordered :( but it said in stock

  1. Well I was just able to snatch up a damier azur mini pochette and it appeared IN STOCK during the entire checkout process.

    I received my confirmation email and its says the following:

    Quantity: 1
    Item Status: Backorder
    Price: $215.00

    :confused1: Thats strange, no?
  2. Usually it says "in-stock". Maybe you should call and ask?
  3. I had the same thing happen to me the first time I ordered my azur speedy- the whole transaction went thru on their website- then when the confirmation came it said backordered- same as yours.
    The order never went thru- when I checked my eluxury account a week later it showed not record of it being on backorder and I had to start all over again looking for one
  4. Omigosh, I just ordered one too and my email says in-stock....i wonder if mine is back ordered too? I ordered it right after lunch, i got back to work and it was on the website! :confused1:
  5. I would call and ask to make sure it is in stock.
  6. I just ordered mine last night, and confirm email says in stock. Hmmm....very strange.
  7. I would call.
  8. you should call them! Good luck! I hope you get it soon:graucho:
  9. Let us know what the heck is going on!
  10. Just call and ask. They are VERY nice and helpful on the phone!:yes: And I do hope you are able to get what you ordered.
  11. Hello, sorry I didnt get a chance to post yesterday. The order is in process :smile:

    I emailed them and they confirmed.

    I can't wait. FYI - I did see a damier azur small ring agenda today on eluxury and there is a damier azur small 4 key ring on there now.
  12. Thanks great - I'm so glad your getting it