eLuxury Baccarat & Dior

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    Just a few Baccarat crystals items and Dior stuff, hopefully someone will find this useful!! :smile: :heart:

    p.s. Click on the links on the left side for more stuff!!
  2. Awesome...thanks for the link! :smile:
  3. BOOO!!! i want those sandals but i live in Canada.. i need to buy me a house in the states
  4. I just bought the saddle pouch...lol I couldn't resist it for $150.
  5. me too...:yahoo:
    I got myself a saddle pouch.. I could not resist..
  6. I GOT A SADDLE POUCH TOO! You can't beat that price! :yahoo:
  7. dammm i missed the 8% back with this
  8. i got the saddle pouch too!!
  9. i got the saddle pouch too! thanks for the link!:winkiss:
  10. WOw there are some great dealss!!!
  11. Geez that saddle pouch is a steal...I'm having a hard time justifying this when I SHOULD be buying for others...my sister doesn't want it, so I might just have to buy it anyway for myself...:yes:
  12. What is the 8%?
  13. Can I ask what is the packaging like with E-Luxury? Im located in Australia and E-L doesnt ship internationally. For this reason I had to use a mail forwarding service to send the Dior Saddle pouch. Does it come in a box? or just the dustbag? Did anyone take photos by any chance of this recent purchase?
  14. i got the saddle pouch too! =D
  15. I want to get this bag as a gift for someone, but my question is, is this bag still really fashionable???? Forgive my ignorance......