Eluxury and LV store prices are different

  1. I went to the LV store in Tampa today to look at the MC black styles and the SA gave my his card with a price of $1320 for the Priscilla. I checked on eluxury when I got home to obess about it more and the price is $1370. Has this happened before?
  2. I think somehow they make up for the taxes because not every state has to pay sales tax on purchases from eluxury.
  3. maybe it was an old price card pre price increase
  4. Wish that would happen to me. I have a few things I'd buy in an instant!
  5. That's what I'm thinking, I've noticed that in the past (an item with an old price ticket) though never got to take advantage of it because I realized it after I had the chance....There's no way elux is selling at a different price that the store on purpose, not in the continental US anyway.....
  6. Can anyone confirm the price increase in LV stores as well?
  7. I was in the MD store today and everything had the exact same price as on elux.
  8. Yeah there hasn't been a price increase, if there was - I'd totally give you all the heads up. I am sure all your SA's would of told you too if there was an increase.
  9. I have never seen this happen.
  10. I called the vuitton # and double checked the price today and it was the same as eluxury. Maybe the SA did not have his glasses on and wrote down the wrong amount on his card or the ticket in the bag was before the price change. Anyway, I am still thinking about the black Priscilla. What do you all think of it?
  11. I was at the LV store in NY last week, and the price they gave me for the Monogram deauville ($995) was diffrent than the price on elux ($1030).