eLuxury: $150 "discount" on Nomade Medium Agenda

  1. [​IMG]

    The correct retail price:

    The "discounted" price:

    Just type in "nomade medium agenda" in the search box and you'll see 'em!

    oops- looks like someone over at elux is going to get canned! :roflmfao: The nomade is now $45 cheaper than the mono one!
  2. That is a good deal.
  3. It looks like they switched the prices for the small and medium ring agendas...the small ring agendas are $530!
  4. Danget they are out-of-stock! I tried to buy one! LOL
  5. Back in-stock with a corrected price :sad: :crybaby:
  6. Oh Well! LOL
  7. I noticed that too. I was surprised. They might pick that up and change it soon!
  8. Back at $380 ...
  9. weird! Glad it is not my mistake...yikes might get fired
  10. Oh damn, but if anyone got it - it's a contract right ? :graucho:
  11. Ugh I noticed that too!
    Too bad it's not on the Suhali agenda...I want that one, not the Nomade.
    But since it's on there, they do have to honor that price..
  12. No they do not have to honor it! they say according to the HELP PAGE , THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS IN WRONG PRICES.sO i DID TRY ALSO, AND THEY SAID SORRY!
  13. Poo, well that stinks! :sad:
  14. that sucks
  15. Well they must have changed things then..because at a lot of stores even, including Target, whatever the price is marked as, that's what they have to charge you.
    I've noticed this at a lot of stores and they have to scramble to correct it.