Elux's LV's

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  1. I just order a Speedy from Elux, should I be leery of anything? I.e. Authenticity, quality, condition...etc
  2. I just got my Speedy35 a few days ago from eLuxury, it's perfect. Totally authentic. I went over it with a fine toothed comb, counted the stitching, logo placement, everything is fine. The hardware is fine too. All the wraps were on it. Perfect.

    It arrives folded up but that's how all Speedies are packed even at LV boutique I understand. It came with the original LV box and a LV gift card (blank) since I requested "gift box" but I think regardless, it comes in the original LV box.

    So happy for you!
  3. Thank you! You just made me so happy. I was so excited I got the 30, for the price I would of paid for the 25 in the boutique.:yahoo::yes::heart:
  4. eLux is owned by LVMH so no worries buying there.
  5. I bought my very first LV from eLux. You shouldn't have any problems at all.
  6. Really? I didn't know they were owned by them. I thought they were just an authorized retailer.
  7. I'm confused on that one, Eluxury prices are the same as the boutique, how did you get it cheaper???
  8. Unless you mean no taxes???
  9. Elux is one of LV's recommended places to purchase LV, so you're fine on that.
    I've gotten a lot of items from there and have never been unhappy with them. My last one was the Amarante Vernis Brentwood and it was perfect. :yes:
  10. The parent company of LV ownes Eluxury. I found out a tidbit a few days ago ladies, the representative from Eluxury told me there will no longer be free shipping offers on purchases of just LV products. This change is because of the new www.louisvuitton.com availability. Such bad news, for I know I have been spoiled with no taxes and no shipping at least on many of my orders!
  11. Very interesting about LVMH owning eLuxury.

    It is a shame about the free shipping, though. I had notice that recently, that they wouldn't give free shipping for an LV only purchase. That is a shame. I vote for free shipping on eLux _and_ the LV website!
  12. That sucks!! one of the reasons I continued purchasing from them was the free shipping offers.... :cursing:
  13. Oh No!! :wtf::wtf::wtf:!! I loved that there was no shipping and no tax on elux purchases. I have only had EXCELLENT service from them. Darn.
  14. I have purchased four bags and many accessories from eLux and they are all perfect! Actually better than the Saks boutique that LV connected me to; the Damier Speedy 25 that they sent me has a really tarnished lock BUT going to keep it anyway. Thank being said eLux is great.