Elux - worried about number of returns

  1. Hi all, just a quick question about elux - I typically order LV bags and accessories from here because I'm relatively far away from a boutique (at least a few hours) and work odd hours. I'm mostly ordering items sight unseen, so I've had to return quite a few (maybe 4-5) bags and accessories over the last few years because of size issues. In this time I've purchased and kept multiple smaller accessories at boutiques (on vacations or trips) and have kept a few items from elux too. I just recently ordered an item from elux that I would like to return, but I'm afraid that all of this returning will get me banned - is this a possibility?? I read somewhere on this board that LV will ban you for returns. Can I safely return it (it's just a minipochette, too small for my needs) or should I try to sell it on the secondary market instead?
  2. I would ask the customer service, but if they havent mentioned anything to you, I think you are fine. I recieved a used bandeau so I dont think they care much about returns.
  3. I know that a lot of companies track the number of returns a customer has. I don't know if elux is one of the companies though.

    If you don't like it, there's no need to keep it but if I were you I would look closely at measurements of bags to make sure thats what your looking for size-wise.

    I go to elux or vuitton.com and break out the measuring tape just to make sure I know a bag will be the size I want before I order it.

    You don't want to try and order next time and they tell you that you can't because of the returns :sad:
  4. I return just as much stuff to Elux as I buy from Elux,
    and no problem so far....
    but then again, it may be different for VIP customers.
  5. Absolutely, edsbgrl! My trouble was when I first got into LV, I ordered three bags right in a row (exchanged two, returned one). I just didn't know what I would like so I ordered blindly. I didn't return anything else for a year, when I ended up returning a bag that wasn't big enough for my needs (I should have measured, but I consulted modeling pics on tPF instead and I guess I looked at people smaller than myself, lol). Those are all of my returns. This MP was a complete impulse order, very silly of me, and like I said, I don't want to be put in the company's bad graces for returning something small like this. I do know that LV tracks all orders that you make on elux or 1866vuitton or in a boutique on its computer system, so it will show up.
  6. travelbliss, I'm certainly not a VIP, lol! I'm batting about 50/50 from LV I think, I've kept at least as much as I've returned overall, and I'm pretty sure I've kept more. I guess I could ask livechat tomorrow on elux...
  7. I would call Elux and ask them. Be honest and tell them your situation, I am sure it would be fine!
  8. Ewwww.. that's kinda gross, used bandeau !
  9. You'll be fine. I returned several things that I got from elux. Yes, I received a used sweet mono ring once. They have excellent customer service. I'm a VIP as well, but I don't think that matters at all.
  10. you should be fine, i've ask actually ask them that question(i also order LV for family members who are not good w/computer), and rep said b/c one can't physicaly see the product prior purchase, they don't keep track of a list. I've already lost count of my ex/returns lol, but I still got VIP,
  11. Like you, I don't have a boutique near me so most of the time I have to purchase things from Elux without having seen them in person. All I can tell you is that I have more returns than purchases from Elux and they made me VIP.
  12. eLux very likely uses an automated system, which means all your purchases and returns are recorded somewhere. However, I doubt eLux will ban you or anything. It is your right to return merchandise, (right?); but I think sometimes people exaggerate. Typical tPF-thread: "Help, the stitching/one stitch on my new Bh is crooked, I wanna cry..."-"Return it".
  13. All purchases and returns are tracked by elux. You can pull up your account history on elux and you will see it. I doubt elux worries about returns because it is web site only shopping. Considering the complaints on tPF about the condition of many items from elux, it seems like all their items are returns.
  14. Please do not take it offensive. IMO only, I think if you don't wish to received used items from Elux, better not return so much. There are measurements posted and it's easy to take out a tape measure to see if the size is what you like. Actually, they do have records of all your purchases and returns.