Elux vernis color...light pink?

  1. Hello all-
    There's a light pink vernis piece nestled between the red (pomme) vernis on the elux homepage. What is it? Sure doesn't look like framboise, but I love it! Thanks!
  2. You know, I wondered about that too...then I thought that maybe they put a Perle in between the Framboise ones so it looks to be light pink? I have no idea lol.
  3. LV says it's Framboise. It looks really light, IMO.
  4. I think it's just the lighting...here is a photo from a tPFer and it showed the lighter pink too.

  5. Ooh good comparison. Thanks for posting that, and thanks to the TPFer who took the pic!

  6. Looks like a magazine ad. I love it!:heart: :love: :heart:
  7. WOAH!!!!!!!!!! what a great pic! Whose pic is that? I want to thank the person who took that pic because I was still in denial and refused to believe it was framboise but now I definitely do!

    mMmM pomme and framboise look soooo beautiful together :love:
  8. ooh- makes me like the framboise even more!
  9. I love the way the framboise looks with the pomme against. Makes me really want a pomme item now.
  10. yes, frambroise and pomme does look yummy together! :love:
  11. My two favorite colors...Pink and Red! I just bought the Pomme koala and cles, now I just need to add some framboise to the mix. Maybe the heart purse or ludlow? I really wish they made wapity in vernis! Wouldn't that be cute??:cutesy:
  12. yep, she is kittynui btw.
  13. Thank you! I couldn't believe it was framboise, either (until I saw the photo, that is).
  14. Yeah, it does look like a light pink.
  15. Good to know! I thought that it was a new pink coming out.