elux,store or boutique department store

  1. to everybody,
    Before I buy my first LV, I have a question, does it make ant difference if you buy it in Elux, LVstore, or boutique deparment store like Saks? what I mean, the price and the quality of the products.And what are pros and cons?

    thank you,
  2. Hi Maria,

    It doesn't matter at all...everything comes from the same place!
    Some prefer the awe and feeling of the boutique....trying everything on, etc.
    In addition, the boutique is likely to have a larger selection than a department store LV.
  3. It's all the same, if you want to save some tax, go the Elux route (unless ur in TN, CA), if you want to experience boutique, definitely go to the store, most SA are very helpful espeically when it's your first purchase, you'd get to try on different style to figure out which one flatters you the most. Welcome to tPF, have fun!
  4. I agree with them. :yes:

    I mostly buy on eluxury when their is no need to choose or try on what item I want. (you also save on tax ... which is a major plus)

    But if I want to buy an MC piece, I choose to go to the Boutique so I can choose out the color combo I want on my bag.

    Good Luck on your first purchase!
  5. Yeah... Save on taxes on Eluxury except for CA or TN. Boutique experience if you would like to be on any wait list on future LE or new release items. Saks if you want a long full return policy.
  6. Oh the quality is all the same! But if you want to see a lot of models then the boutique is the best way to go! You can try many different bags, and see ho wthey look on you! I think it is the best option. Elux is also good, you can save on tax if you don't live in CA, or TN. The department store has less of a selection.
  7. I would go to the boutique. Those eluxury pics don't do the bags justice! But on the other hand eluxury doesn't charge tax so that's good.
  8. The quality is definitely the same at the LV boutiques, Eluxury, and department store LVs. Eluxury can someimes be a little bit cheaper depending on where you live and whether they are running a free shipping special at the time you make your purchase. It's up to you which route you choose. I really like ordering from Eluxury because the customer service is great, I never pay tax, and I only order when shipping is free. Plus I get a box with my order! Some people really like the boutique experience so it's a matter of personal preference. What will your first purchase be?
  9. Didn't we have this conversaton yesterday?? :p:smile:

    Do a search peeps.
  10. the price and quality is all the same, but the prices are cheaper in some boutiques in Europe!!
  11. I buy from all.

    Boutique. eBay. Eluxury. And Occasionally, my Aunts Closet (well stealing XD).
  12. thanks so much for all your ideas, since I am here in Vegas, I will try to go to some of the LV stores here and try on some handbags, I think we have quite a few here.And I will check Elux if they have a free shipping so I can save some.
    I think for my first purchase I will get the speedy in mono or damier.

    Again, thanks so much ladies you really help me a lot.
  13. I live in CA...I buy from elux when they have free shipping code, and I use ****** to get 3% back...so even with tax, its still cheaper then the stores. Of course its when I know which bag I want. I go to the stores to check out the styles and how it looks on me.
  14. well i actually prefer department store's simply because they are a little more flexible on damages and return deadlines. i can think of two times i've had problems with my purchases and needed repairs and it was done for free
  15. I've been wondering about this too.... Is the selection in a department store fairly limited with Speedys or do they stock alot of other things too? In particular, Im curious if they would carry an extensive selection of Epi bags.