eLux: Speedy 25 price & the return policy

  1. QUESTION 1: Has anyone else noticed the price of the Speedy 25 on eLux going from 585 USD to 595 USD? It's not that much of a difference, but I'm a smidge concerned since I am planning on saving for one in the next few months. :hrmm: Do the prices of LV bags inflate often?

    I might also be completely wrong, only imagining the $585 price tag. Correct me if I'm wrong, please! :yes:

    QUESTION 2: Do you have to pay the shipping for a returned item on its way back to eLux?

    Thanks all :heart:
  2. I ve never had to pay shipping to return an item--
    and I have only known LV to inflate prices once a year--but I could be wrong on that--hope this helps--somewhat;)
  3. yep, there are only one or two price hikes a year so dont wory too much.
  4. return shipping is free. I remember the price always being $595. Price increases happen once a year.
  5. I've returned a few items and used their label but still had to purchase postage and insurance. How do you all get free return service?
  6. diane m - I think the free return shipping is for their "insider access" program, but I have no idea what the qualifications are. I always paid return shipping (which gets really pricey with insurance!), but then all of a sudden things started coming with pre-paid labels. A few months after that, I got an email with the program details. HTH!
  7. I actually noticed that the Epi Speedy 25 went down by 10 dollars. A few months ago I bought one for $890 and now they are $880 on the site. Strange.
  8. I think the Speedy 25 has been $595 for a long time. In fact, the Speedy 25 and 30 stayed the same prices through the last two price increases. I believe there have been two price increases already this year, so there probably won't be another one until sometime in 2008.

  9. You have to be an elux VIP. To obtain that you must have spent $3000 on their site. Then shipping returns are free and upgraded to 2 day. As well as shipping the item to your house. Upgraded from ground to priority at no additional charge. VIP's also get insider access to new items etc... prior to general population.
  10. Thanks for posting this. I was always curious as to how one became an eLux VIP, because I became one recently. I added up my purchases and they came to a bit over $3000. I guess $3000 is the magic number.
  11. The Speedy 25 has always been $595... it's been like that for a while, I think.
  12. Wow. I remember when I bought my speedy 25 it was under $500.00 with tax... and it was only a few years ago :sad:. Now, looking back, I paid less than $595.00 for my speedy 30 as well :hrmm:
  13. The speedy 25 is currently $595. The price of the speedy before that was $575... and that was in... let me think, June of 2006.
  14. :tup: