Elux sold out of azure cles

  1. I woke up at 8 am to order my azur cles, but sadly it's been sold out. :sad:
  2. i see you're in Houston. just go to store in Galleria Mall. I'm sure they have it.
  3. no time to go!! maybe i can fit an excursion to the galleria between classes?
  4. call and they can ship it you :smile:
  5. The cles is so cute!!! no wonder why they sold out!!!!
  6. I know, I saw that, too! I thought it was really cute as well! I kinda want one now...
  7. what's your school? i live in houston too. i'll swing by Galleria Mall to check out the Azur line. :drool:
  8. YAY-, I got a azur cles!
    I preordered the cles and azur speedy 30, but decided against the speedy for now. I just bought a chanel clutch(been wanting one) and I have the damier speedy 30 , which I loooooove!. I 'll wait for the reviews on the vachetta leather, then make my decision. ( and I will have more money!!!!)
    Yay AGAIN -I GOT FREE SHIPPING ! ( b/c I had a previous return.)