elux shipping

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  1. When buying from eLux, anything over $500 requires a signature. I live alone and work during the day so this got me thinking what if I'm not there that day? Is it a shipping service where they'd leave a note on the door and you can at least anticipate when they're coming back next or does it get returned to eLux ASAP?
  2. I think that if you are not at home to sign ,then you will get a receipt to pick up your package at the post office. I started having elux deliver to my work so someone would be available to sign. Hope this helps!!
  3. i've had issues with this.....i ordered a cerises speedy for elux and the delivery guy comes, doesn't even ring the doorbell and just leaves the package on my front step and leaves.....i was sooooo pissed......

    thanks goodness i knew to expect the package and so i'd been pretty much waiting in front of my door all day..........it was a rainy day and he just leaves it there without a signature or anything even though it was well over $500 and supposed to require a signature......after that experience i try not to order anything online anymore....anybody coudl've driven by and walked off with my package....
  4. Elux depending on how you have it sent changes. If you use the standard ground, it's done through fedex home delivery (whom I absolutely DESPISE). Getting to even pick up your package from their warehouse can be problematic.

    If you upgrade, then they will use normal fedex, and you could pick your package up typically after 5pm at their stations. On the tag, it'll state when and where.

    I have a personal vendetta against Fedex home delivery. Frankly, if it's through them, I don't even expect to get the package and know that I'll have to finagle my way to pick it up from them clear cross town. Hope this helps.
  5. I think if they don't find you they will try redeliver it like 3 times then you have to go pick it up. OR you can call them and go pick it up. But I am not quite happy with FedEx and Eluxury, since I had some problem with them last time,and too many bad stories...
  6. No kidding! I had to go pick up a Fedex home NON-delivery, and it was quite an experience because it's a delivery hub. It not only meant driving out to the middle of nothing, but I had to go through a small security building in which employees exiting the facility had to go through a metal detector and a pat-down. I was then instructed that I had to walk across the asphalt several hundred feet to another building, but MAKE SURE TO WALK BETWEEN THE YELLOW LINES or they couldn't ensure that I wouldn't get hit by a semi.

    Sheesh. :huh:
  7. Thanks for filling me in ladies. I will let BF know this too as I think he intended to or did already order something from Elux. Pick up would be bad for me as I don't drive. Ugh. Thanks again ladies.
  8. I singed a waiver from Fedx and Ups etc that I don't have to sign for packages and I bought $1435 from eluxery last month and was not home to sign and they left it for me. (Also I live in a very safe city, neibhborhood and have deliveries made to my house all of the time as I do a lot of work from home so I don't know if that made a difference too. Oh I also have the loudest barking dog that will attack the glass door when anyone get on the porch.
  9. Thanks! I was hoping someone did sign for it to be left at the door. I didn't know if that was a possibility.
  10. It is a possibility, but definitely read the fine print. If someone steals your package from your porch and you had signed for it, guess who is now responsible for a payment without a bag? Not FEDEX and Not ELUX.

    I would only do it if you live with Inkypaw's dogs or 100% sure that you will get it and no one will swipe it.

    It's all in the fine print. Good luck!