elux sales tax

  1. can you pls tell me if i order tru elux do they add sales tax on the purchases? how much ? thanks
  2. they only charge sales tax for residents of Cali and Tennessee
  3. thank you :smile:
  4. So there's no sale tax on other states? Then we'll save lots of $$$ ordering thru Elux, eh?
  5. There's no sales tax so you save on that but have to pay shipping except when they have free shipping going on. Technically speaking, you're supposed to pay the tax later on when you file your taxes. They call it the use tax. This is why there are some people that save every single receipt they have for the whole year.
  6. when i order through elux, i wait till there is a free shipping code and i also go through ******. you get a percentage back. I got $18 back on a speedy. its fun! it's like i'm being paid to get LV's! lol
  7. That would depend on the state, but no one really seems to enforce it. If they did, I can imagine that consumers would revolt.

  8. I hate it. Why us... why?? :cry:
  9. I cry with you~~:cry: I am living in CA too~
  10. If you are buying a big ticket item maybe have a close friend buy it from another state and ship it to you if you save lots of money on tax. As long as you really know you want it and won't return of course.

    I don't see it as a big savings, but if you buy several thousand and your tax is 7% plus shipping...it might be worth it.
  11. and this is why i will NEVER order from eluxury :mad:
  12. sucks.. i used to live in Hawaii, they don't ship there, now I live in Cali, they charge tax. I know for sure I won't move to tennessee
  13. Bagsnbags.... it seems like there's nowhere to hide from the "paying more than other people" issue for you ... haha ha