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  1. Well,
    I finally have the money for my dream bag- speedy 35. After I purchase it I am putting myself on a "bag ban". But I am afraid that after this first LV purchase I will get addicted. It happened with my Dooney and Bourkes, Coach hopefully not LV!!
    NOw how much does elux charge for shipping? I am trying to figure out if it would be worth it to save on taxes (7.75 here).
    Thank you!
  2. Congrats on your first purchase. Don't forget to use ******, there will be 3% cashback for elux.
  3. ok now you have to tell me about ******?
    Thank you!
  4. elux doesn't charge tax?? (i haven't purchase anything from elux yet)
  5. I think e lux charges tax to California residents.....other than that, it's usually worth paying the shipping.....it's especially worth it when they run free shipping! they sell out of a lot of Louis during free shipping!!!
  6. that sucks... california tax isn't cheap either... something like 8.14% isnt it???
  7. NYC tax is 8.265!. Thanks for the ****** link Dryad!,im going to buy myself something LV next month,and the 3% will really help me out :love:
  8. You are welcome, Jadore!
  9. Actually NYS tax is 8.375% right now.. at least that's what they charged me when I splurged @ Gucci :angel:.. I recently puchased the Duomo on Elux and the shipping was $25 for items over $1000. :yahoo:
  10. is there any state in USA that does not charge tax on handbags?? lol
  11. lol.. i wish! i think purchasing from Elux might be the best, if you calculate, a $1000 will have about $80 in taxes (dep. on where you are). Since the shipping on $1000+ is only $25, it's a pretty good deal. The only drawback is that you have to make sure they have the bag in stock! :lol:
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