elux returns/exchanges

  1. does anyone know whether elux has free return shipping?

    i am thinking about ordering from them since there is free shipping at the moment but if for some reasons it doesn't work out, would i have to pay for the return shipping? i couldn't find this info on the elux website.

    thanks in advance:flowers:
  2. I think you have to pay your return shipping..
  3. thanks bagsnbags!
  4. :heart: my best friend got money back for shipping on her exchange.... i might wanna call them up or do the online chat thing!!
    i am lucky enough to be the vip costomer and i get free exchange every time.... just call them, they are so good about return and exchange, the best place to get LV!!:P
  5. I have only returned one thing to eLux ( a Manhattan GM) and a Fed Ex air bill was included in my box. I had to call them and set up an exchange and was given a returned merchandise number to write on it.
  6. thanks sohpia618 and kymmie for the great info! :flowers: