Elux return help - only recieved email for one item?

  1. Hi, as bad as I feel returning itmes, I had to return a few items to elux. I mailed them all together at the same time and in the same box. I just got an email saying that a amount will be refunded to my account but it only shows the amount for one item?!??1 :shrugs: Do they usually send notification emails for one item at a time? Whats going on? Should I be worried?
  2. Yes, they do. I have returned 8 items at this point and all have been credited with no problem. Eventhough you sent them in one box, they will still inspect them and then credit them one at a time. It could take like a week or so. Mine did. If too much times passes... give them a call at customer service. The only bad thing about that is they do not really have a process that the Cust. Service Rep can see. The people in receiving do not "scan" anything in. They just check them in, inspect them and give the okay for the refund.
    Don't worry yourself over it. Not yet, anyway. :smile:
  3. Before you returned your items, did you call elux to ask for the authorization number? If not, you have to call elux customer service to have the warehouse locate another item for you. Normally, they should credit your return items at the same time, if shipped in one box.