Elux question

  1. Hi all, just a question or two for anyone who has experience with ordering from Elux. First, when they ship, do you get like a tracking number or anything so you can see when your package will arrive? I am having a dilemma as no one is home at my house during the day and I don't them to leave a package sitting there.
    Second, will Elux ship to an address that is not your billing address? I am considering having a shipment delivered to my BF's work... Thanks in advance! :yes:
  2. Yes, you get a tracking number, and yes, you can ship it to your BF's work.
  3. Excellent, thanks, that will help me decide how to arrange everything!
  4. When elux delivers, they will leave nothing without a signature that is over $500.00 in value. So where ever you have it shipped, make sure someone is there to sign for it.
  5. It'll just be an Azur mini Pochette, less than $500 obviously. But I definitely want someone to be there anyway, because I don't want the poor pochette to sit outside for a long time LOL.
  6. Cool. Can't wait to see pics! :biggrin:
  7. awww... lol :smile:
  8. congrats on the new pochette! cant wait to see pics!