Elux prepair return label - insurance is only $100

  1. Ok, I need to return to elux and they sent me a prepaid return label (one item was used so they are giving me free return shipping that means they wont charge me for the other return item that im shipping with it right?)... Aside from that theres 2 things:

    1. The label says its only insured $100. The 2 items a need to return total $1,000 so I am a little uneasy to reuturn. I mean, what happens if it gets lost? i d ont want to be responsible. :sweatdrop:

    2. Theres a small part on the return sticker label that says 'sign here to if sig of reciept is not needed' (not exact words) I dont HAVE to sign that right?

  2. umm...if there is a tracking number I guess it would be fine
  3. there has to be a bigger reason why Elux doesn't insure their items for what they are worth.

    perhaps they are covered under THEIR insurance for lost items in the mail.....
  4. If I got a return label like that I would as a CSR at elux and confirm exactly what happens if, say a package is lost during return. Or I'd be so paranoid that I'd buy return shipping myself. It should cost no more than $20, and to me $20 is worth my peace fo mind.