Elux & Pomme

  1. Quick question...I know the Pomme hearts have been showing up....but what about the pastilles & the scarves? Will they make it to Elux?
  2. here you go :smile:
    Pampilles Key Holder red.jpg Pampilles Key Holder framb.jpg
  3. Maybe. I would check the site later tonight.
  4. Where did you find them fetish? I looked under key rings and couldn't find them!
  5. Yeah the Pampilles was up last night..it was on the 4th page of "new arrivals."
  6. Thanks Rebecca!
  7. ^^ what rebecca said :smile: i got them this morning
  8. yes, I bookmarked the page. I saw it few times, but I wasn't intending to buy it.
  9. They are so cute- wish I hadn't missed them- please post pictures when they arrive
  10. I keep looking to see them not even to buy. :s