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  1. hi girls....just want to ask about elux....i'm from the philippines....is it possible to pay elux here using my credit card and have it delivered to my cousin in florida?? she's coming here next month :yes:
  2. hi, im from the philippines too & i called them and asked them this same question...they only accept credit cards w US address. You can call bloomingdales, they will be more than happy to take your order...as long as you are having it shipped to the US.
  3. hi rica...how do you call bloomingdales?? 1800 number???

    where do you buy your lv here? gb3?? or do you always order abroad?? :smile:
  4. look at their website..... i buy mine from the LV here & when im in hongkong.
  5. yeah me too....i buy from the store....i just thought maybe i can get it cheaper if i order online then have it shipped to my cousin ;)
  6. I think they will only ship to the address on the C/C
  7. oh i see....thanks so much! =)
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