eLux: perfo musettes in fushia and green!

  1. elux is just crazy lately!
  2. OMG I can't believe you still have perfo's over there. they are still on the vuitton.com website (says product not available online) but I keep getting told there are none left
  3. Geez, they're SOOooo hot but I can't buy anything else...
    I'm on a Mono ban...
    although perfo isn't... really mono...
  4. I had one in my cart yesterday and when I went back to it said out of stock. I've been told by two stores that they'll be in stock in a few weeks.
  5. i'm tempted to get a compact zipped wallet in fuschia... i've been wanting something perfo in this color.
  6. I love my Perfo Musette! It's a great style and really different :yes:
  7. Don't say things like this. You're killing me!
  8. Haha. I have to....I should change my title from cupcake girl to "enabler."
  9. i wish it were like... 1300 instead of 1800 :crybaby:
  10. oooohhh, a perfo cles! yay! thanks for the elux perfo update!