Elux package question

  1. I got my BH today from elux, but the LV box and bag where smooshed :push: . Anyways, I always see in other pics that the straps of the LV bags are wrapped in plastic, but mine wasn't...so just wondering if thats normal. Also, the bag was empty (wasn't "stuffed" with tissue paper like other bags that I have ordered)..wondering if thats normal too. Thanks!
  2. It is normal for your strap or handle to not have plastic wrapping. Sometimes they come with the plastic still attatched, sometimes it doesn't. It's also normal for bags to not have the tissue paper stuffed inside. ;)
  3. Oh, and one small part of the leather on the straps are stratched. And another part of the strap is slightly blue/black like a scuff. Should I ask for an exchange or just deal w/it?
  4. I would exchange the strap and speicify what's wrong with it. ;)
  5. For sure I would exchange it, sounds like it might have been a return.
  6. Definitely contact Eluxury. Tell them that you received item damaged. They should provide you with the necessary FedEx postage to return the item back to them for exchange.
  7. I would ask eluxury to exchange it...you paid good money for a new item that shouldn't have been damaged and it sounds like it might have been a return that they didn't inspect properly before putting it back into their inventory. I'd be miffed at getting something that isn't up to LV quality and standard considering you paid for it. I don't know if it bothers you a lot but do you think you can ask e-luxury for a discount on the purse? I've done similar with other retailers when I find a flaw but not enough for me to go through the hassle of returning and they've almost always been willing to give a discount and have me keep an item than for them to have to eat the cost of the item.
  8. i rec'd my Keepall 55 recently in a LV box and it was also damaged - I am sure it's FEDEX's fault not ELUXURY!
  9. squished? hmmmmm, return.
  10. You might have received a return. By all means, please return it the bag is damaged.
  11. I'm sorry that happened to you, that must have been real sad to open to that. I would call eLuxury and send it back using the return form they sent you with the bag and mark it as damaged. Just follow the guidelines on the return and exchange policy and you should get a new bag real soon.