Elux out of Grooms Pieces?? Not listed anymore..

  1. Hey,

    I just went to Elux. to ck out if they had any Groom things up...(just out of curiousity)...and they don't have the Groom Line listed anymore under "Small leather goods".

    You know how things pop up here and there as they list them/or they get more in, etc. Well, yesterday....I was looking at Elux. and the Groom Line was listed but the side that lists what they have was "blank" it just said: Choose item...but there was nothing. But the thing is it was still listed: Groom Line. (you were still able to find and click on it..)

    Now it's not even listed. I'm wondering, could Elux. already have sold out and that's why the it's no longer listed??

    I was reading about the limited issue from this thread that's why I'm wondering about the Elux situation.


    I wonder if Elux. was given a certain amount...For instance, ok Elux you get 4,000 Grooms Items to sell...Hmm??
  2. I was wondering the same thing too. I want to order that Groom pochette wallet. Now maybe I am too late!!!
  3. Hmm, I don't know...

    I just thought it was weird cuz the Groom Line isn't even listed anymore. Like yesterday (even though there was no item listed next to it) it still said Groom Line. I'd ck periodically and things would pop up now and then. Or it was listed and blank/no items listed.

    Now nothing...I wonder???:s
  4. Either that or people have them in their shopping carts. I noticed a certain couple of keychains I wanted are now gone also. Boo.
  5. most likely they are out, they are going like hot cakes.
  6. I checked today and IM'd a CSRr and they said that LV will replish them with more items and to check back periodically. He/She (Kai) said it's an extremely popular line and said it will be available throughout the winter season on Elux when they have it available. That's relief, because I want to take advantage of no sales tax, Mr. Rebates and the new lower shipping charges.
  7. ^ aww.. that's quite a relief.. im really wanting that cles.. :love:
  8. I see random pieces popping up again once in awhile, but they're always gone within minutes.
  9. This happened with the cerise last year, they will come and go. If you want any small items get those first, those always sell out first ;)
  10. LOL!! I ck'd Elux like a crazy person for the Cerise speedy...they'd pop up and then gone for a day or 2.

    I decided to leave my laptop on w/ elux on the screen when I went to bed....( had it in my bedroom) so that when I got up to go to the restroom I could refresh the page and see if there were any available. I was LUCKY and there was one. LOL, so I ordered my Cerise Speedy at 2am!!!!!!!!!!! I was all happy!:yahoo:

    The funny thing is "Discover" called a few days later asking my Dh if he had used Discover to make a purchase at 2am in the morning. LOL! Dh's like,"ya.." They said they were just cking cuz they thought it was suspicious since we've never made a purchase in the early morning hrs. like that. LOL!! Pretty cool though that Discover ck'd up on that. Little did they know they had a LV Obsessed Woman stalking Elux for a Cerise! Had they known that they would've just shrugged it off...:lol:
  11. ^ that was a funny story! :lol:
  12. Heehee!!:roflmfao: Ya, LOL you know you've got a LV "problem" when you're waking up in the middle of the night to order a bag...!:shocked:

  13. Too funny:P
  14. Haha when the MC Speedies first came out and I was on the list for them (and my store was NOT getting them in!!), I was checking elux constantly so I ordered my white one from there lol. I think it was about 1am haha.
  15. I ordered my Wh. MC speedy from elux also...but I think that was at normal daylight hrs. LOL! Not on "Vampire hrs." like w/ my Cerise!:upsidedown: