Elux or the store?

  1. :shrugs: Hey guys!!

    If my speedy 25 sells on ebay I am going to buy the speedy 30..my question is should i buy it from the store or order it on eluxery?? what is the tax for eluxery??!?
  2. It's up to you where you get it, but there is no tax on elux. I like going to the store though. However, if you have a high tax in your state, then I suggest elux. And if you're in California, you should just go to the store because they are going to charge you tax.
  3. I don't know about the tax but I'll definitely get it from the boutique if I have the choice!:yes: You can go wild in there:nuts: :yes: :nuts:
  4. Go to the boutique, that's the fun part...The whole shopping experience is a rush! Of course one drawback, you could walk out w/ more than you bargained for lol lol
  5. since you're in NY, eluxury won't charge tax :yes:

    i'm in Buffalo, so i don't have a choice but to order from eluxury, but if you're in the city, you can go to the store. for a Speedy 30 you'll only have to pay about $50+ for tax.
  6. I've done it both ways. I usually only shop on elux if I get free shipping, because that saves me even more money. But I think that shopping in the boutique is fun!
  7. How much is shipping on elux? How do you get free shipping?
  8. The price of the shipping depends on the amount of purchase. I've gotten emails from elux with a code to use to get free shipping. I've also seen it advertised on the site a few times.
  9. hmmm not sure what to do...u guys are so right about the store experience...i live 25 min north of manhattan and 25 min from gardenstate plaza and riverside sq...so if i do go to the store ill go to NJ less tax...i dont want to get to 2 excited just yet because if my bag dosent sell...no 30 for me...keep ur fingers crossed
  10. thanks ILuvLV.
  11. If you want the 60 day return as an option go elux. I like shopping on elux b/c of that b/c I tend to change my mind.
  12. If you do decide to buy it at the store, in my experience the riverside store SA's are nicer than the Garden State or Manhattan ones. Maybe because nobody is ever there! I usually buy from elux though cause of the tax.
  13. It's all about the experience of shopping at Louis Vuitton!
  14. I think it's kinda neat being able to pick out your bag in person, but Elux is a good online store with an excellent return policy if you change your mind. Plus, you don't pay tax since you don't live in CA(like I do. Grrr...) and you could also go through ****** to get cash back on your purchase. It's really worth it when they have free shipping!:yes:
  15. i like the store my SA is REALLY nice to me...