Elux or LV store?

  1. So this is my first post, I've been reading for a while but I've always been too scared to say anything lol. Anyway, everyone is so nice on here and I have a question. I am thinking about buying a mono speedy 25 but I don't live anywhere near a store that sells LV. What do you guys think about buying one from eluxury? Is it better to buy from a LV boutique and if so, why is that? Thanks everyone in advance! You guys are awesome.
  2. Elux is the one and ONLY legit LV online store, plus it's tax free, unless u live in CA, and there's another state where they are based.... It w/everything, box, tags, dustbag, etc. it's going to be a great buy!
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  3. Well I'm in the UK and you can buy LV from their website here. I am not that far from a boutique though but even if I was I still think part of the fun in getting an LV bag is going to the boutique. Its worth going to the store imo but if you can't I have heard great things about eluxury. :smile:
  4. I have no idea if this is true everywhere but the boutique where I live is 20-35 cheaper than elux.
  5. ITA especially for your 1st LV, its worth going to the store. there are also added extra's of going to the store. eg. seeing new bags IRL :nuts:
  6. lol... Going to the boutique is definitely a great experience!:graucho:
  7. Welcome!!!! :flowers: I have no choice but the boutique:sweatdrop: I guess by buying it from the boutique you get to try and see other bags:nuts:
  8. LV owns E-Luxury so it is the ONLY total legit store. I just ordered 2 items off of their and nothing was wrong with either of LV's. For me I'd rather save the tax and free shipping! Couldn't beat that! Plus you can use e-bates with your purchase on e-luxury.
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  10. Yup, I agree! Also, I'd like to add that if it's your first LV, it should be more memorable this way having someone wait on you rather than....well....you waiting yourself lol.
  11. Hi, where do you live? If you can get to an LV store, go for it. It's such a wonderful experience- seeing all of the bags and shoes and scarves in real life (and trying them on!). It also helps you decide which bag is perfect for you, because you try it on and see how it looks on you, how much it would hold, etc. But if you do go with Eluxury that is an excellent choice too. I bought my Montsouris Backpack on there, and I knew I could trust them. And the great thing with Elux is no tax! :smile:
  12. Welcome to the forum! This place sucks you in.... I came to do research for my one bag a year (that I promised DH) and I'm still here....

    For your first bag, I agree with the rest of the posters, - definitely go to a boutique. Try on several bags, let the SAs recommend a few others, have a great time! Good luck!
  13. Welcome to tpf, I think you'll like it here a lot! I agree with everyone and say even though it might be a little bit of a drive, go for the boutique. I almost wish I never would have went in there because now that I have a wonderful sa, I can't bring myself to buy anything not from him!! Granted online there's not sales tax, but there's shipping. And I look at it as paying for the service. I feel good when I go in LV, I get treated so good by my sa and the whole experience every time I go in is so fun and happy, so go for the boutique if you can!
  14. Both experiences have positives- the boutique to see & hold the bags & experience the selection.
    And elux since they occasionally have free shipping & it's a great way to save some $$ & the service is exceptional.
    Good luck & welcome to the board!
  15. lol... More like IRL eye candy experience....:angel:

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