Elux or LV boutique. Which do you prefer and why?

  1. I just did my first elux purchase. I live about 45 minutes from a boutique, but with small children and no babysitter in sight, I find it hard to get in there. I have purchased from the boutique before and nothing compares to the customer service as well as the feeling you get when they hand you that shopping bag. BUT I was noticing on my boutique receipt that you only have 14 days for an exchange. It says nothing about a return, only an exchange or store credit. Which leads me to the obvious conclusion that maybe its actually BETTER to purchase from elux. What do you think? The good aspects of buying from elux are no tax and a full 60 days to return for cash or exchange. Yes you have to pay shipping but that is normally less than tax if you purchase a bag. What are your thoughts?
  2. I WISH eLux would ship to Canada. I really don't care for boutiques and SAs in general so I would prefer to do it over the net.
  3. I just go to a boutuque as there are 3 in my area, which takes less than 10 mins to drive to. There, I have my SA (which truly makes a huge difference) that I usually go to and then I can try on the bags, get great service and opinions, and inspect them prior to purchase.

    I've ordered from eluxury and the no tax policy doesn't appy to me, so I don't have that savings, plus I hate waiting for the package.

    Therefore, I love getting it RIGHT AWAY so I just go to the boutique!!! :flowers: :love: :tender:
  4. i don't have a choice but to buy from eLuxury, because the closest boutique it 2.5 hrs away in another country (Canada), and in a way i think it's better. i love going into the boutiques and looking at everything, but like Irene, i don't care for the SAs either, and in all honesty it takes them ages for the transaction and packaging process. also, buying from eLuxury ensures that i don't have to pay tax:yahoo:
  5. I have been pondering the same thing, as I really want a denim baggy PM. I also have a young child, so I hear you. Do you have a Upromise account. If you buy from elux through them, you also get 3% back into your account, that is making me lean that way.
  6. I'm from Canada, so I've never used Eluxury since they don't ship here:sad: but I didn't know that there wasn't tax!! If this is true, then I'll just buy bags from there and ship it to my cousin in Cali and get her to send it to me...
  7. Well this is what it says about tax in the U.S

    ELUXURY charges sales tax for orders shipped to California and Tennessee. Recipients of orders shipped to other states are responsible for complying with state and local tax laws.
  8. I wanted to do that (send my purchases from eLux to my godparents in NY) but CC billing address has to be the same as the address they ship to. So, it was either asking my godfather's wife for her CC or buy it in Canada.
  9. For me tax on a 1000 transaction is $60 bucks. I can do something else with $60. For me it would be eLux, plus they offer free shipping from time to time and more flexible returns. You can always go to a boutique and check out a purse. Sure, you don't get a shopping bag and you may miss out on a goodie. I guess it depends on your goal.
  10. I prefer the store. The experience is awesome. Before, I couldn't drive to the store because I didn't know how to get there since it was an hour away and because it was in downtown Houston. But now that I know how to get there and know some SA's... it seems like smooth sailing... and I should be safe to shop at the boutique now. :P
  11. What if you CC was a PO Box?
  12. Do you get an LV box when you purchase from eLuxury?

  13. I like boutiques because I can compare one brand from another. I can never make up my mind. I think I want this bag but I go in and get another bag. If I did it online I would have to send it back and forth. Plus another canadian so no elux :sad: boo
  14. Wow, no tax? I always go to the store for my LV, because I love checking everything out in person, but I might just have to try eLux.
  15. I don't know if UPS or FedEx will ship to P.O. box.:shrugs: