elux/made is the usa

  1. does elux send bags that are made in the us, or do they have bags made in france and other places, too?
  2. All my LV purchases have been through Elux, and all I ever got were 2 items made in the USA, my BH, and a wallet. Everything else was made in France, and my Key Cles and 2 frame photo holder were from Spain
  3. 2 purchases= France
  4. 1 purchase = usa
  5. Eluxury is the distribution center for all the stores. I don't think they check what's in inventory where it was made. If you want to isolate your chances of getting an item from made in______. You should personally go the store to hand pick your purchase.
  6. ^ thanks- i was just curious b/c they are in the us, so i didn't know if they had mostly us stuff. i don't really care, i just didn't know! thanks all!