elux issues today???

  1. i purchased a pomme cles this morning from elux, was all excited, logged off and went about my day. I just checked in to see if it shipped and i dont even see the order and i never received an email. Did anyone else have elux issues today??????
  2. yes!! i ordered a damier azur speedy 30,..never got a confirmation email..
  3. Yeah, eLux was a little slow this weekend. It took a full day for them to send me a confirmation e-mail.
  4. i ordered a azur speedy 25 yesterday .. had the same issues .. i called them today, and sure enough, the site wasnt updated when i placed the order--they didnt have any more in stock. the rep explained to me thats why i didnt get an email confirmation ... hopefully you ladies have better luck!
  5. slow this weekend, never got an e-mail so I called and my order was in there system.
  6. Yeah just give it until tomorrow or so...they're probably behind. I'd still call though to make sure the order went through.
  7. I never got a confirmation either. I ordered a mini lin speedy in dune. I sure hope it went through!
  8. Finally spoke with an elux rep and was told that they had the order in their system however they did not have any pomme cles in stock and therefore my order was cancelled. So the woman says, the website has been updated and check back to see if it comes back into stock again...to which I replied "isnt that what I did saturday morning when i purchased a pomme cles?". I am sooo depressed i really wanted that thing...
  9. I hear you. My order was cancelled too. There might be having issues on Saturday so the inventory was not updated.
  10. oh, sorry for your troubles sweeties!
  11. Did you check your eLux account to see if the order was pending there? My Azur Speedy 25 is there under unshipped/partially shipped. I never received an email yet. I'm afraid to call now. I don't want to be disappointed.

  12. it did appear in my unshipped order section. i would call at least you know where u stand