ELUX is offering free shipping again

  1. Just enter promo code "MODE" at checkout. Just an FYI!
  2. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Awesome. Maybe I'll get my Epi Alma now. Still have a few bucks ($150) left over plus some patio furniture I'm selling....
  4. ahhhhhhhh, why didn't they do that on Vday?
  5. thanks! anyone know when this expires?

    hmm...another bag purchase? free shipping is too tempting an offer...wouldnt want to squander it!:p
  6. too bad it's not really worth it to me as I still have to pay sales tax!

    BTW, OT but BUNKIE......did you ever find your pomme heart purse??
  7. the code expires on March 27, 11:59 pm PST

    this code has been posted twice already, i believe... i think a thread that was posted here yesterday was moved to the deals & steals section. elux seems to be doing free shipping a lot more often recently. i purchased an azur speedy literally several hours before i found out about this code... so i e-mailed them about it, and they agreed to refund the shipping charge on my order.

  8. thanks! i just saw it on elux and was going to post the date myself. you got an azur speedy on elux! ooh congrats!
  9. Thank you for the code! I guess now's a great time to buy some items I was drooling over! :love:
  10. thanks!
  11. Yes, someone posted this on the LV shopping too and I will definitely buy something this time.
  12. Yay!! And it valid until March 27th. I guess I'll get something off my wishlist..... Thanks for posting this.
  13. Damnit, I only wish they shipped to Canada !
  14. Wa Hoo - now for some of those tiny accessories!
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    ....can't wait for my Keepall to arrive that I ordered yesterday - FREE shipping, NO sales tax and $27.00 rebate from ****** - ended up saving me about $86.00 on the purchase of my LV Keepall alone versus paying sales tax in the store!!!