elux help!

  1. quick question to all of you who've ordered from eluxury: was it the "gift box" option? just curious! do i need it if the "gift" is for me?! lol:smile:
  2. Only if you want it gift wrapped;) Sometimes it's fun just to sit and look at the gift wrapped box until you can stand it no longer!! But I take it in a plain brown box myself!
  3. From what I've gathered in this forum... if you're ordering LV, it doesn't matter whether you click 'gift box' or not because you still get it in the LV box.

    For everything else, I think 'gift box' is the silver/purple eluxury box w/ the purple ribbon.
  4. Ooohhh... that sounds NICE!!! :graucho:
  5. I just ordered a damier speedy 30 and chose "gift box" option for myself LOL. It just sounded sooo nice. Makes the deal even sweeter ;)
  6. It does, doesn't it?! Irissy, I think you deserve a pretty gift in the mail..... time for a new pair of designer denim ;)

    Oh and just so words aren't shooting out of my bum.... here's the eluxury info on gift wrap
  7. ohhh! tell us how it comes to you. several members have stated that even when they selected gift box, it still came in the LV box. Yay! Can't wait till you get your gift!
  8. Ahhh... you're such a tease! Don't tempt me... :P I already bought 2 LV bags last week! :angel:
  9. I put down gift box and it wasn't wrapped. I just received the LV box with the bag inside. Mello yello jen, your Damier 25 is coming today isn't it?
  10. I think you get the silver box with purple ribbon when you select the gift box option for non-LV items. If I ordered an LV item, I would rather have the LV box anyway.
  11. I always get things gift boxed, even if they're only for me :smile:
    Nice buying presents for yourself ;)
  12. yes!!! WOOHOOO!!!!