elux hasnt increased their prices yet!

  1. i just went on and all the prices are still the same. we have at least one day for the cheaper prices! i wonder when they are going to update thier website.
  2. Very interesting! Keep shopping!
  3. They don't have the bag I wanted:sad: But I guess the price on it is not increasing. So I'm just going to wait. Hopefully not long though. I'm getting impatient.
  4. They just did.. at least on some pieces !!!
  5. I just checked elux too, strange how some increased and others did not...yet??
  6. Maybe there might not me a price increase.
  7. there is a definite increase. i had called about the nomade koala bracelet and it is now $270.00 from $255.00...if only I had bought it a few days early but I just discovered it last night and I figured I had to have it! :heart:
  8. They're all out of Damier Speedies again, though. LOL

    (of course I can laugh only because I bought my 30 last Friday!)
  9. ^^^the Speedy 30s Have Been Out For Awhile. I Have Seen The 25 On And Off The Website But Not The 30 Since The First Week On Elux
  10. ^^ I have been checking for the 30. I thought it would be a sign if I do see it there.