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  1. I just ordered one.. i dont know if i should..
  2. Well, the first charms bag that you ordered is gone !! So I guess other fashionistas agree that they must have it. ;)
  3. HAHA.. i am considering between the gaucho and this pochette..
  4. Superbaby, your collection must be so fab ! ;)

    Which one are you considering keeping more at this moment ?
  5. i collect mostly lvs.. not really into dior design. so i dont know if i should get the gaucho.
  6. Now it's gone again!
  7. HAHAHA..
    Its like hide and seek..
  8. Aww, I wanted to see :P

    good luck with your purchases Superbaby!!
  9. I also keep missing it! lOL

    It must be a popular design.
  10. Really cute, but 640 is a lot for a pochette.
  11. Yeah.. thats why i am hesitating... oh well, i could always return it if i dont like it.
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