Elux has epi Ivorie for sale

  1. i've done a search and cant find any pics of the new color...i think i want the ivory passy GM and want to order on eluxury for the free shipping now but i really want to see a pic of the color before taking the plunge
  2. Don't know if this has been posted yet, but elux has LV EPI Ivorie items. No color samples.
  3. So, so far we know that the following bags will be available in Ivoire:

    Passy PM/GM
    Petit Noe
    Speedy 25
    Turenne PM/GM

    The list in the lookbook was much longer than that :s I believe the Pochette will also be available...most likely the Bucket too? I dunno.
  4. I did a search and the have the following in IVOIRE

    Speedy 25
    French Purse
    4 key holder
    Petit Noe
    Zippy Wallet
    Passy GM
    Turenne PM
    Turenne GM
  5. ^^ LOL why didn't I think of that, jeeze.

    I didn't know that they also have the 8 CC slot FP now! :nuts:

  6. Cool thanks for the info! I'll check it out right now :biggrin:
  7. great info! thanks for posting!
  8. Yeah I don't think there are any pics yet. Maybe you should order it then send it back if you don't like it?
    You'll probably end up getting it before any pics show up anyway.
  9. I hope the pochette will be available..and the speedy 25. I am not a speedy fan, but a white one may change my mind! hehe
  10. Here are some pics of the Alma, and Noe in Ivory...:smile:

  11. Here's a pic of the Alma and Noe in Ivorie..

  12. I can't wait to see them in person
  13. I agree.
  14. I saw one on a Passy GM yesterday IRL. It's quite purty. It caught my eye. I usually don't care for the epi line but this one looked classy. I had to put it back down since I was already getting 2 bags:crybaby:.
  15. i really like the petit noe!