Elux has a lot of new stuff.......................

  1. They have pomme agenda for those looking , the keychains from last valentines day in perle , pomme and amarante. I also saw the neo cabby gm in black
  2. I can't find the key chains. Are they gone already?
  3. type pomme in the search button, and they come up, I want all 3 colors so bad.
  4. Thanks! I didn't even know that it came out in amarante. Must decide quickly.
  5. I ordered one in pomme! Thank you so much! I hope the order ships. Which one did you get?
  6. I havent ordered one yet. Im broke right now lol. I will probally get pomme too. congrats.
  7. Put them in your shopping bag now before they don't show on the site anymore! I wish there was free shipping...lol. Thanks again and I hope you get one too.
  8. Elux is pretty good about restocking...even on weekends.
    It's good to check back frequently for what you are looking for.
    Those black cabbys go FAST !!
  9. Thanks for the update..off to go look:yes:
  10. This is gorgeous. If only they would ship to me.. :sad:

  11. ^ It's gone already!!! I just clicked to have another look, and they're outta stock? Who bought it? :p
  12. ^^^ I WANT ONEEEE! i loved those when they came out but i got a flat pouch instead for almost the same amount!
  13. thanks...love it window shop...
  14. I got one earlier today in pomme and am planning to use it as a pochette extender. I think these may be a part of the September release. According to the 2007/2008 Fall Winter thread, the key holder and phone straps are supposed to be re-released...so keep checking back if you want it.

    Actually...I just thought of calling a store in Hawaii to see if they have it since I now have purchase history...they have one so now I'm going to try to cancel my elux order.