Elux has a embossed stephen in blacK!!

  1. Its in my cart right now. Will release to whoever wants it! Love to see a PFer get it! Just PM me!!!

  2. gah. GGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. WHY can't it be a Polly?! :hysteric:
  3. Yeux want a polly???!! Good taste!
  4. yes, Yeux want a Polly :crybaby:
  5. I do love that bag!! I saw it on Elux this morning! Someone should get it!
  6. ^^ go for it :smile:
  7. I only like the embossed stephen in the gris cause the other colors somehow look off...
  8. ^ I love the gris too. :drool: but the black is hot as well!!! someone get it!!
  9. I love this bag. I'm drooling over it.....
  10. I saw the polly yesterday at LV. It's huge but so nice!
  11. OMG that is tdf now if only I had unlimited funds :smile:
  12. Wow, that is sooo beautiful! I love it in black!
  13. :drool:
  14. And there's a Gris available too!!!
  15. :nuts: They also have a monogram leopard Stephen on there!