elux doesnt ship international!!!

  1. why doesnt elux ship to other countries:censor: i live in the philippines & the LV store here just got the damier speedys in...theres like a waiting list as far as the eye can see. Im on the list but they wont say what number i am....:rant: :censor: :rant:

    elux has to expand & ship to other countries! I envy you guys from the US
  2. We'd all be in more trouble if that happened :sad:
  3. Ya....elux should at least ship to countries from the SAME CONTINENT! "Yoo hooo! Up here! It's Canada calling! You know??? Your NEIGHBOUR?!??!?!?!?" lol
  4. My wallet thanks eLux VERY MUCH!!!:lol:
  5. I am really starting to get irritated! :censor: The LV store here only got 2 Damier speey 30 in!!!! My god, dont they realize it has a cult following! At this rate i might get one at the end of 2007!!!!!! :crybaby:
  6. I really envy people in the EU ! Looking at prices on Vuitton.com just makes me want to go back ! :biggrin:
  7. Aagh, it drives me nuts! So many stores that I like - eLux, Zappos, etc... all don't ship to Canada! Grrr...
  8. LOL! Agreed!! Although I would be nice to have the option.
  9. both of which are amazing...i forgot to add eLux and Zappos to my "why i shouldnt move to another country" list
  10. YES!!! Esp. in our good ol' Canadian winter!:graucho:
  11. I have ordered a couple of things through elux, but I had to do it through a international buying/shipping service.
  12. hey rica! heheh LV at GB4...my fave place lolz... don't you have any relative/friend residing at the usa to get it on elux? that's how i got most of my LV purchases from(elux)... you will end up saving $$$$$ ... like the koala bracelet.. urgghh here in manila its costs f:censor: n(Php24K plus) or $450+++USD... but on elux, its only less than 300usd......
  13. hi superbag! my problem is how do they send it here? my relatives wont be back till next year:crybaby: ...how do you get your stuff?
  14. Girls, you ain´t got nothing on me. We don´t have any shops that sell Lv here, nor does Elux ship here.
  15. i sent you a pm.. :smile: