elux do they send mostly made in us

  1. or do they send out made in France I want to know what you have received mostly from them.
  2. I've gotten a variety of locations, it's mostly luck of the draw unless you're getting a more mainstream bag like the Speedy or the Batignolles, for example. In that case you're almost guaranteed one from the USA.
  3. Little of both.
  4. I've received mainly made in France.

    If you're wondering whether or not it matters where something is made, no it doesn't really matter... the quality is still the same. Some people just have their preferences. ;)
  5. I 've received all mine from France and a few accessories from Spain.
  6. you guys are so lucky, I love made in USA LV but I have never seen a single item made in USA in my LV store :sad:
  7. I have gotten both. My saleya is made in France. My accessories have been made in Spain.
  8. My nolita is france.
  9. is it possible to request one made in france?
  10. I prefer Made in France too, but have nothing else to add other than that I wish ELux shipped internationally. :sad:

    P.S. Oh hi, Jun! *waves* :winkiss:
  11. You can request your SA find you one make in France, but not guarantee. When I purchase my first LV "Damier Canvas Speedy 25" last year I asked my SA to find me the one make in France. She said she will try but not guarantee. She told that since the speedy is high demands most of their Damier Canvas Speedy will make in USA. ;) (She found me the one make in France :graucho:) I didn’t note until my older sister told me. You can always ask it won’t hurt. If they have it, it good if not it’s ok I still buy it. Heheheh. ;)
  12. thanks! im thinking about purchasing a neverfull MM, and i dont have any boutiques near me, so i am going to have to order one from eluxury...

    (*hir frankiep!!!!!!!!!!!!*)