Elux -> Canada

  1. I've seen people feeling sad because they can't order online through elux because they live in Canada. I previously worked for a company, and I've dealt with customers who live in overseas. They always wanted their packages forwarded to their courier, which is a 3rd party company that would forward their clients' mail to Eypt (for example). I just thought of that and thought maybe it'll be useful for all Canadian ladies here.

    If you type "Mail forwarding" in Google, I'm sure you'll find a whole bunch of these companies. I just found one: International Mail Forwarding, Shop in the US, US Domestic Shipping, US Global Mail Shipping Options

    Hope it'll be useful! The ****** rebates can probably cover the service cost :smile:
  2. But then Canada Customs will ding you with duty and tax fees and a brokerage fee... if it comes through Canada Post, and if they catch it at the border. Sometimes things get through with no charges, which is always great.
  3. Great idea, but I'll get killed paying duties, custom brokerage fee, the stupid $8 that Canadapost adds on for some shipments, etc. I think if they see that the package is coming from Elux...they'll definitely tax like crazy!
  4. The package from elux is pretty discreet, just a regular brown cardboard box. It doesn't even say eluxury on it, it would say ELX Corporation or something... don't remember. But anyway, I believe those couriers have to put a new label on the box which looks like the package is coming from them to you, and if I remember correctly, my client told me he himself or the company would take care of the customs form and I didn't do anything.

    Now I think about it, I should do some research on a French mail forwarding courier ;) Don't know how it turns out though
  5. I wonder though, will the value of the items inside be stated on the outside of the box?
  6. You mean value written outside the box by elux? Never for me...
  7. Ohh righhttt since they don't ship to Canada they don't have to declare customs.
  8. If someone tries this and it works...let us know! I contacted eluxury about six months ago and they said they were working on being able to ship to Canada. I don't know why they don't. Sephora does and it's part of the same company.
  9. Still awesome to hear that they're working on shipping to Canada! :nuts: