Elux and "Made in USA"??

  1. I'm going to buying a mono speedy 30 in the next couple days and I was wondering if it will say "Made in USA" like the tag on the white MC speedy? Will it make a difference if I buy from elux or the store?? TIA
  2. Don't know for sure but I just got an epi speedy and it was made in france
  3. My new azur speedy is Made in U.S.A.....got it from LV store...have no idea why they moved the production..maybe?:confused1:
  4. Mine mono 30 was from elux. and it is MADE IN USA :push:
  5. My Mono Speedy 30 that I purchased from Eluxury was also made in USA.
  6. Newest release of Azur Speedy 30s have been reportedly made in USA. If you want one made in France may have to go down a size to 25.
  7. Will the the mono speedy from a LV boutique also say made in USA??
  8. Nowadays, mono speedy from either elux or boutique are made in USA. Azur speedy both 25 and 30 from elux are also made in USA.
  9. Are all the items on eluxury made in USA?
  10. No, it depends on where they get their shipments from. I have gotten made in France and made in Spain from Elux. I think the reason there are so many USA Speedies out there is that the Speedy is a high demand item here in the States. It's probably more cost effective to fill the demand for Speedies in the USA factory.
  11. It doesn't make a difference if you shop on eLux... you might even save a few bucks with shipping and taxes!
  12. I was wondering the same thing...so....I called the store that I bought my Speedy35 from and they told me that it's impossible to get one that says made in France in the States now...boo hoo
  13. :confused1: it will take some phone calls, but i am sure MIF is still available in USA.
    So far my Azur speedy 30(late nov), Green Perfo Cles(Dec) and Mono Stephen (late jan/early feb) are all MIF from Elux, don't have any MIUSA *knock on wood*, but i do have two koala agendas that are MIS.
  14. No, the Keepall 55 that I bought a couple of weeks ago was made in FRANCE! Depends on the item, my round coin purse was made in France too. However, my Batignolles Horizontal was made in USA..just depends!!!
  15. I was told by an SA that most speedies now are Made in USA because of the high demand for them. When I got my damier 30 in january, I had to buy the store model (which has been there since the damier speedy was first released) to be able to get a MIF one.