Elux and LV?

  1. Do you guys know if Louis Vuitton get records of people who make LV purchases through eluxury? I know some of you frequent LV shoppers get invites to LV parties and gifts for buying lots of LV products so I was wondering if they knew of the people who bought through eluxury or only of the ones who go into the stores???
  2. i dont think they do, i dont think eluxury and louis vuitton keep the same customer records.

    but get another opinion to be sure ;)
  3. I was told elux is a different system, since it is OUTSIDE the store or the NEW ONLINE STORE at LV.COM
  4. they are different.
    LV will not use another name to substitute for selling their own products.
  5. Yup, I was told the same thing.
  6. :confused1::confused1:

    What are you talking about? LV will not use another name?

    Eluxury is owned by LV.
  7. unfortunately no *sigh* Majority of my purchase is done via Elux, saved me tons of tax :yes: but when it comes to WL items, my SA from other brand can usually land me a good spot on WL:whistle:
  8. I figured that... I have only bought my LV from elux for the same reason, buying online saves me alot of tax since I am in NY. Oh well... Thanks for the info everyone.
  9. I think elux's system and LV's system is somehow linked. Back in last year I bought a red epi speedy from elux, but I returned it. Later that year I bought an indigo bedford through LV's customer service. Several days later I called them up to check my order and somehow they were able to see my speedy order only...
  10. i think it is linked too because after i purchased from elux LV knew my customer info (when I went in the store to buy something).