Elsa Peretti SS Starfish vs. Black Jade Bean

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  1. I'm thinking about my next, and possibly last, Tiffany purchase (at least for a while), and am debating between the Elsa Peretti Starfish Pendant and the Elsa Peretti Black Jade Bean.

    I'm 42 so I want something that will age well wtih me. I wear a lot of black and like the idea that I can get the bean in black jade but is the bean age appropriate? The starfish - well, I just really, really like this one (especially with the small diamond) - but the bean has been on my wish list for much longer.

    I'm torn. I don't live near a store to try both on. I guess I could order both and see which one I like better.

    Given the choice, which one would you choose and why? Also, if anyone has any modeling pictures of the starfish, I would appreciate it. I can't seem to find many pictures of this one.
  2. I own a 14mm gold starfish and a gold bean. I love both, but I think the bean is more versitile. Personally, I feel the starfish is a summer piece.
  3. I think the bean is perfectly age appropriate and can be worn all year with everything. I'd go for that one.
  4. I'd go for the bean, as the rest have said it is more versatile and age-appropriate. Plus it's been on your wish list longer.
  5. What do you like most about the starfish and the jade bean?
  6. darkangel07760 - Good question. With the bean, I like its simplicity, shape, and that it's in that black jade (it's very different from anything I have) against the silver. It's cute - and by cute, maybe it seems youthful to me. With the starfish, I like star shapes in general, and the design itself seems playful and fluid. It reminds me of sinking my toes in the sand and letting my worries slip away.
  7. I have the lapis bean with gold (I think it is a tiny bit bigger than the black version) and I love it. Looks great with a pair of lapis studs I already had (or with gold earrings) and is very versatile - I wear a lot of blue, so it goes it lots of things. It pair it with my 5 stone gold DBTY.
  8. I would get the bean. I do like the starfish (he's a happy dude!) but I prefer the leggy one that looks like a little man to the one with the diamond. Also the starfish would be harder to wear, IMO.

    And starfish are everywhere. It's hard not to buy them.
  9. Thanks everyone for the responses. I think I'm back to leaning towards the bean. I still like the starfish but agree that I may get more wear out of the bean.
  10. Just took a look at both and vote for the bean as well. It's beautiful!
  11. Update - I placed the order last night for the black jade bean. Can't wait to see it.
  12. It arrived today - shipping was super fast - and I LOVE it! I'll try to post a picture here soon. It's adorable and I love the black bean against the silver chain.