Elsa Peretti Heart advice from those familiar with the design?

  1. I have been looking at this design as an everyday piece - (18K yellow gold) - but would only be wearing it on the silk cord as I didn't care for it on the chain.

    I tried on both the medium (on a slimmer cord) and the large (on a thicker cord).

    I like the look of the cord for a casual look - plus the contrast of the gold and black.
    Which size? I am 5'4" slim to medium build.

    Here are my thoughts...
    I like the daintiness of the medium - but in the past I think that I often choose jewelry that I later think is too small for me. I also like the large - but I am afraid that now larger pieces up around the neck are in style - but perhaps in a few years it will look dated (too large and chunky).

    Any advice? Also is this style only for younger women? Do you think it would look foolish on a 50-ish (I hope I look like a young 50)?

    Also I searched the posts and someone mentioned that they wear theirs on a mesh chain - which sounded like a nice alternative - would it have to be the large one then.

    Thanks for any input.
  2. I used to have this necklace, and I think I had the medium... I prefer the smaller heart. I think it would look great on a woman of any age! I recently met a 70 year old woman who was wearing all three sizes at once and it looked great on her.
  3. I think the bigger heart is the one you want. A small heart is young looking, starter jewelery looking, and definitely too young for a 50 year old. (I'm in my 50's.) The big heart is not that big, or so big that you would regret it. It actually looks like a normal size. I say, get the big one and love it.
  4. the gold is so classic, i have a smaller one and i really wish it were bigger, i would go for the larger one
  5. I have the medium in silver and I'm really happy with the size. I'm 5'7" and wear a size 12, but I wouldn't consider it a "small" necklace. I feel like anything bigger could look a little tacky on me :shrugs:
  6. GET THE LARGE. Tiffany pieces are timeless it won't go outdated don't worry, go for a chain around 18
  7. I have the large heart and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I had the small heart for a year and hated how small it was, so when I lost it accidentally, it was a good excuse to upgrade. After I had the large, my friend bought the medium, and it just didnt look right to me. Its vain, but I really liked the fact that mine was bigger! And i am 5'5 and very slim build, and I dont thin its overpowering at all.
  8. I have the small one in silver. I loved it at first, but now it just seems a little too small. I wear it everyday and am actually looking for a new piece. I probably should have gotten the medium. But I think in your case the large in white gold on a silk cord would look wonderful. I would say go with large.
  9. My coworker has the small, medium and large all on one chain..I think the chain is the long beaded one that comes with the Return to Tiff's ID tag. I saw it and thought it was real creative of her, she had a black tank with slacks and it was an eye catcher to say the least.
  10. I have the large in silver. I wear it on the silk cord it came with, as well as a silver chain too. I'm 5'4" and it isn't too big on me.