Elsa Peretti cabochon ring?

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  1. Has anyone seen this in stores? I saw it advertised in Elle magazine and I havn't seen it before! GORGEOUS!.:drool::confused1:
    Tuesday, 16th February 2010

    Tiffany & Co has unveiled a new range of gold rings designed especially for the summer season.
    Created by Elsa Peretti, the pieces feature cabochon gemstones set in 18-c gold.
    The rings were designed to bring the image of the sea to the mind, using colours such as turquoise and jade.
    Each gold setting has been sculpted to look like waves of undulating curves, emulating the movement of the ocean.
    "Stone and metal blend perfectly with the smooth, tactile quality and clean, simple lines that define Elsa Peretti's exclusive jewellery collections for Tiffany & Co," the company said in a statement.
    tiffany cabochon.jpg
  2. i haven't seen them, but they are gorgeous!
  3. I know I just saw the advert for the rock crystal cabochon...I need to know how much and when I can get it...i'm in:love:
  4. They look stunning!!!! I need to know more - can anyone tell us?
  5. Looks so sleek!
    I want to know the price too!
  6. I looove it - saw it in a mag too (love the turquoise coloured one) and am emailing my SA now - will fill you all in when I find out!
  7. Excellent *Mr Burns hand rub*. :biggrin:
  8. Beautiful...Can you post prices once you've found out... I think I've seen the green jade one before....
  9. haha love it
  10. I saw it in a mag and liked the silver and blue one. Wonder if its online yet?
  11. The silver and jade green cabochon is on the Tiffany's website, it is $895.
  12. I have news!

    I have a turquoise one on order - apparently there are only a few left IN THE WORLD! It is $2300 Canadian (about $2000 US I'd say?) Cannot wait to see it on! I'll post pics if I can whether I buy it or not - have never bought anything this big before (size wise) but it is a gorgeous piece and knowing there aren't many out there makes me want it more! (so bad!)
  13. Seriously? :nuts: That's crazy, I was thinking we'd be able to see it in store and try it on first?!!! Silly me...:P

    Definitely would love to see modeling pics if you can!
  14. WOW!! that's insane, they wern't even launched yet!! just the press release for the soft opening..thats crazy!! is the Turquoise set in silver or gold? I thought the same as Bitten...i'd be able to try it on first:biggrin:
    pics when you get it please SGJ!!!